How to SAVE MONEY on your Pool Bill

Dear Valued Customer,


As we enter into the approaching difficult economic times, we at Island Time Pool Service are giving the utmost consideration to the need to operate on the lowest possible budget.  As a group, Island Time Pool Service employees have come together to offer suggestions for ways to reduce your monthly expenditure for your existing pool service.  Some of the ideas will result in immediate savings, while others will be realized over a period of time, but we believe these to be some of the most effective methods available to reduce the expense of your pool service.  Please accept the following suggestions as an attempt to assist you in saving money:

Call us to reset your time clocks on your pool equipment for off peak and reduced run time.  This will help save energy and lower your electric bill.  There will be no service charge for adjusting the time clocks.

Consider draining and filling your pool as the weather is cooling.  Older water requires more chemical use to maintain clarity, sanitation, and prevent algae growth. 

Purchase your own 3” chlorine tablets at a retail outlet such as Costco or Home Depot.  This will allow you to eliminate the largest portion of the chemical bill on your invoice.

Trim the vegetation around your pool.   Leaves, dirt, and grass in a pool will cause the need for increased chemical use to maintain safe, clear water.

Refer your neighbors, friends, and relatives to Island Time Pool Service and receive one month free service for each referral up to $79.

We will continue to offer excellent service and timely response to your needs at an affordable price.  Some of what we are able to offer are:

Office staff to answer phone calls and eliminate the need to leave a message

24 hour answering service to contact us in case of an emergency.  Please be patient, we often sleep through phone calls in the middle of the night.

Someone will be on your property in response to a phone call within 24 hours

Full time repair staff to do any and all above ground repairs without the need to subcontract to another company

Professional service staff trained beyond the standards of the industry.  Our cleaners are trained in doing minor repairs.  Allowing the cleaner to perform small necessary repairs eliminates the need for a service call charge.

Qualified supervisors to assist the cleaner, office staff, and customer with technical questions.

We take great pride in providing excellent service throughout the Northeast Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  We have consistently grown due to the referrals of our existing customers.  Our prices have always been at or below the standard market pricing and we will continue this tradition as we move forward.  We are confident in our ability to assure everyone that there are no service price increases predicted in the coming months.


Please feel free to offer suggestions for ways we can improve the service we provide.  No suggestion will be taken lightly and any that can be used to improve our service to you will be appreciated.  Obviously we enjoy positive feedback, but less than positive is always encouraged and will be listened to and considered for ways to improve our service.


Thank you for allowing us to provide you with pool service.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to many more years of continued service. 


The Staff at Island Time Pool Service